4th April 2008

Wikipedia Not Listed in Google UK www.wikipedia.org

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I don’t know if you have noticed, but Wikipedia is not listed in Google UK, nor does it have any pages listed, which seems a bit asinine.

Click Here to Search Google UK for Wikipedia

Fortunately?! for Wikipedia they are listed in on Google (The Web), but then it is subject to Google’s embedded site search … Google Embedded Site Search – Brand Abuse ?

Hot News From Google HQ

Here is  some hot news from Google HQ which other affiliate buddies have already blogged, just make sure you are sitting down when you read it. All I can say is that one of my recent blogs will become even more applicable … To Not Appear or Not To Bid … That is the Question. Have a peruse of the following.

Google Trademark Shake Up – Apocalypse Ahoy ! by Shane

Google UK Gives Trademark Triggers The Bullet by Jason

AFK for a while?

My basecamp shall be relocating for a couple of weeks for fairer climates with a few affiliate colleagues whilst we drench ourselves in Ambre Solaire … sizzling like sweaty sausages in the sun.

Out of Hours Bidders

As you maybe aware, when I “work” I tend to burn the midnight oil & continue until the sun has well and truly risen in the east, during this time I do notice a significant number of out of hours brand bidders, which day in day out seemingly go unchallenged, which leads me nicely to my next piece of exciting news (well for me anyhow).

The Grim Reaper Unleashed … Soon

To curb these out of hours bidders The Grim Reaper is soon to be unleashed into the public domain for more suitably commercial purposes, for those several networks which have been turning a blind eye to pocket the over-ride or not covertly monitoring the PPC environment satisfactorily, it will probably turn out to be their Nemesis, simply because it won’t be taking any prisoners.

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  1. 1 On April 4th, 2008, Nihiltres said:

    Wikipedia isn’t listed in the UK search because none of its servers are based in the UK.

  2. 2 On April 12th, 2008, Paul said:

    Yes, I realise, but with sites which are universally used, perhaps they should be indexed for improvement of results & relevancy as there are numerous sites which span many nations.

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