18th June 2010

Foxtrot Oscar to President “Dropped A Bollock” Obama Over “British Petroleum” Oil Spill

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Remember Uncle Sam, when you point your finger across the Atlantic pond at the United Kingdom, there are 3 fingers on your hand pointing straight back you!

Foxtrot Oscar to President “Dropped A Bollock” Obama & US Congress with their Kangeroo court style cheap shot comments yesterday. Isn’t it ironic that only now do they speak about the environment & coming to the table, when the current oil spill (a horrible tragedy it is)  is probably a drop in the ocean compared to the overall damage to the environment a his gas guzzling nation has inflicted on the earth … Karma? – By Me

“If President “Dropped A Bollock” Obama can break off from crafting his next anti-British Petroleum soundbite, it might be worth him checking out the ownership structure of BP and pausing for a moment. It appears that 39% of the shares in the company are American owned (25% by U.S. pension funds and 14% by individual American investors). According to BP’s figures, 40% of the stock is owned in the U.K.” – By Iain Martin

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  1. 1 On June 18th, 2010, Jason said:

    You have to ask, which nationality were in charge of the oil operations in the Gulf, I would bet that most were Americans. Their workmen, managers and directors which created the events that led to this spill.

    I have to also agree with the hypocritical environmental gestures coming out of the White House. From a nation who wouldn’t sign up to reduce greenhouse gases.

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