27th October 2007

Back to the Future … from a4uexpo

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I have only literally just returned from the a4uexpo event which excelled beyond the high expectations we were confident it would deliver.

Nadeem quotes “This was one event that lived up to and surpassed the anticipation and hype.”

I’m not particularly lucid at the moment, so I shall post comments & overviews later on next week, whilst I take a bit of rest & recuperation in Portugal with Shane & my son, reading & digesting the various blogs & forum comments from my peers. However, the creative juices are flowing even more from the buzz … post a4uexpo, so I’ll probably be formulating & ferosciously scribbling ideas in the pool.

I am currently sitting here slurping my usual pint of tea & reading one particular blog from Stephen Pratley.

And I would like to quote one of the several aspects / good comments from his blog …

“… More than ever, affiliate marketing in the UK feels like a cohesive and professional industry, rather than a collection of businesses with their own agendas and we should thank all those who gave their precious time and expertise this week for helping that feeling grow …”

This event did illustrate that a majority of people, even with differences of opinion, can simply get along & share the common goal, and that there really shouldn’t / needn’t be any problem in addressing & eradicating the nuisance aspects & issues well documented within the affiliate marketing industry.

Last night, even myself & Malcolm had a brief chat oustide The Fox (good luck in the US btw & live the dream) … as I looked over across to another table under one of the patio heaters on a cool Autumns evening … I had flashbacks of the Stormtrooper & The Limo Club Days, whereby nearly all those same friends were still there sitting around the table sharing a jar (or many) & laughing as if it was only yesterday. Obviously there was the company of other terrific affiliates too, let’s bring those days back where all parties simply got along.

For all those involved in organising the event (Matt, Claire and the rest of the A4UExpo Team) … Congratulations! You did yourselves proud.

And for those familiar faces whom overcame nerves & stood up in front on the industry, absorbing the limelight by presenting & sharing their wisdom & knowledge in a well honed professional manner (showing what professional really means) they too should be duly chuffed with themselves … well done indeed! As also for those who came from further shores, whether simply attending or presenting, cheers for making a visit to the first of what we hope will be many a4uexpo’s.

Right I am off to re-pack the suitcase & back up onto the laptop … boa noite.

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  2. 2 On October 27th, 2007, Malcolm said:

    Was good chatting mate and thanks for the well wishes :-) ) Drop me a line if you need anything I’m only an MSN message away – malcolm.cowley@perfiliate.com is the addy for my MSN

    Have a great time in Portugal

  3. 3 On October 27th, 2007, purple said:

    I missed the expo totally gutted, but sounds like a great success, scary to think I remember the stormtrooper and limo club days like it was yesterday.

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  7. 7 On October 28th, 2007, Nadeem Azam said:

    A true delight to catch up with you and the missus.

    Nostaglia, nostaglia… I miss the old days too, but suppose we mustn’t hanker after them too much. The industry is a lot bigger now and there’s a lot of money swimming around. Like you, I hope we remain a cohesive force, because in unity is strength.

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